Today, how we spend our free time.

The material that I have prepared for you will require some effort from you, because as you have probably got used to it, you do not get ready knowledge on the so-called "Tray".

Effective learning must incline to effort (e.g. translate the given vocabulary, or solve tasks to train and consolidate new skills.) Automatic and unconscious reproduction and repetition of ready dictionary knowledge will be a waste of time, because it will not remain in the memory for a long time.

Getting back to the point - material by Fr. free time, is primarily the accumulation of verbs. The topic requires you to describe the actions both in the completed and imperfective mode.

That is not enough, depending on whether we describe last year, this year or next year's holiday - it is worth using the verb in the past, present or future tense.

Word "ПРОВОДИТЬ" was exposed in the material not accidentally. This is the key word that will be used in the topic "free time" most often and in all possible configurations.

The vocabulary base and the scope of grammatical problems are within levels A1 - A2

A few words to teachers and teachers -

The material does not impose a rigid framework of implementation, but rather gives you the opportunity to launch your own layers of imagination and invention.

Treat this resource as an inspiration and a lexical and visual base to create your own cool and extraordinary classes.

The file to download can be found in the materials bank


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