It would be extremely naïve to think that language learning should be based only on ethically and culturally high sources. Of course, the book-neutral style is the most appropriate direction, but let's face it ... Colloquial language, street language is also a real, lively and to some extent valuable source, from which it is also worth drawing. Maybe not entirely correct, not entirely diplomatic, but whether we want it or not - it surrounds us every day.

Non-normative vocabulary is often a very desirable topic among students. This is not surprising. Taboos always arouse curiosity. 🙂

Today I'm serving material that I hope will meet the expectations of at least some of you.

"How to swear without swearing", is in a way a compromise material.

There is no profanity in it, but the lexical material I cited can meet the expectations of those who are looking for words and phrases that are equally effective and effective. 🙂

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