It is said that the first impression can not be made twice. It was this statement that guided me while creating this material.

The first classes are a key moment for both the student and the teacher, so it's worth thinking about how to intrigue, arouse curiosity and convince you that it's worth it.

First - it is worth knowing the motivations of students to be able to direct the material in accordance with their expectations and needs. The feeling of individual treatment will give the student a sense of our commitment, which is not insignificant when building student motivation.

Secondly - activate students so that from the very first classes they feel that the classes will require their active involvement - ask what they know about Russia, their ideas about the country, people, places, and then confront it with the facts. Refuting erroneous stereotypes and ideas about Russia is always great fun and at the same time an opportunity to discuss and surprise with unexpected facts / information.

Thirdly - there is nothing worse than a 45-minute banal monologue according to the well-worn curriculum. Trivia, memes, quizzes and other surprising elements woven into the merits can work wonders.

Fourthly - reward perspective. Appropriate motivation determines not only the results but also the quality of work. Working with a properly motivated student is basically no longer "work" but pure pleasure. It is worth taking care of it, so look for appropriate arguments and benefits that will reward the student for his hard work.

Fifth (and last) keep the right balance between the attractive form of classes and their substantive value.

The material that I prepared was to meet the above assumptions. With what effect ...? Let me know.


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