The Russian alphabet ... is the first challenge that anyone who ambitiously decided to master this wonderful language has to face.

Yes, I know, Russian letters look "strange", "cosmic", "like Chinese" 🙂 (these are just a few of the most diplomatic responses to the Russian alphabet I've encountered.)

Well, everyone has the right to have their own feelings. However, the first impression, as is known, does not always show a true picture and is confirmed in practice. This is the case with the Russian alphabet.

The Russian alphabet is 33 letters, several of which correspond to Polish sounds and characters. The rest of the letters and sounds are a matter of a few lessons in focus and concentration, to finally be in the elite group of experts on the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. 🙂

To help you get started, I put material that will help you familiarize yourself with the Russian Cyrillic alphabet in a quick, pleasant and effective way.

The material is a supplement to my presentation on YOUTUBE

ros_alfabet_yt.pdf (0 downloads)


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